Established in 1998, SeriStar Co Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of mango wood ornaments and acacia wood sculpture. We are a member of Department of Export Promotion of Thailand since 2003 (EL.03000803) Our factory is located in the Chiang Mai, the northern province of Thailand. Mango Wood collection with marbling style is our very pioneer collection that we presented to the market. We do receive very well response from customers. Mango Wood with marbling style uses our proprietary technique to create the natural of wood pattern noticeably. We are proud to receive the Copyright Certificate from the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand, Patent No. 1273, for this remarkable marbling style of mango wood Our selections are varies from Vases, Bowl & Platter, Candle Holder, Container, Box, Lamp and other home decorative accessories. Together with our designer team, we keep on developing innovative home decorative products. These days, our products consist of many varieties of modern designs. Each piece represents a unique work of art, which reflects an elegant craftsmanship of artisans. These unique treasures will not only add charm to your peacefully home but they are also perfect as gifts and collectibles. Our main objective is to deeply concern about quality of production along with fast and trustworthy service at reasonable price. Our reputation and sales have increased dramatically and aggressively, extending to markets in the USA, Europe, Japan and the Middle East. We also offer custom-tailored items to our customers, which all products can be packaged to meet specific requirements. Besides Mango Wood products, we also offer MDF wood, Acacia wood sculpture, Bamboo, Rattan and Teak for home decorative items.
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Code : 290117-GL
Collection name : Meteorite vase
Dimension : 10'x10"x18"
Product Name : Orb Meteorite vase (candle holder)
: The vase with finishing gold leaf inside,black inside, It's more brighter if you put in the T-light inside.
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